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”Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”
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REIGN Customer Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy Statement is provided by Reign Digital Art; its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, and related entities (collectively referred to as "the Company," "we," or "our") in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance - Chapter 486 of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("the Ordinance") to outline our responsibilities and policies regarding data protection.
This Privacy Policy Statement specifically sets out the obligations of the Company under the legislation in Hong Kong and may be adjusted to comply with local legal requirements when implementing our privacy policies in different countries where we operate.

The term "personal data" used in this Privacy Policy Statement has the meaning as defined in the Ordinance.
Company Policy
The Company complies with the responsibilities and requirements of the Ordinance, and all its directors, management, and employees are required to maintain the confidentiality and proper handling of all personal data collected, stored, transmitted, or used by the Company (or on behalf of the Company).
The Company ensures that all personal data collected, stored, transmitted, or used is processed in accordance with the responsibilities and requirements specified in the Ordinance.

If an individual requests access to and/or correction of their personal data held by the Company in a lawful manner, the Company may provide and/or correct the requested information within the time limits and in the manner prescribed by the Ordinance.

Operation of Collecting Customer Personal Data
The Company may require customers to provide personal data for purposes including, but not limited to: (i) visiting the Company's website and using applications; (ii) engaging in shipping activities, including delivery and receipt of shipments; (iii) querying and tracking shipment details; (iv) engaging in our promotional activities; and (v) other relevant goods or services necessary for our business operations. The data required for operation includes, but is not limited to:
Contact data of individuals and companies (including names, company names, physical addresses, email addresses, contact telephone and fax numbers, etc.);
Addresses used for using express delivery services, mailing addresses, and/or billing addresses;

Payment information (including payment card details or account details used for online payments and associated billing addresses or relevant account information such as account numbers, etc.);

Shipment information (including (a) names, physical addresses, email addresses, and contact numbers of senders and recipients, (b) signatures as proof of delivery, (c) account numbers used for our monthly billing account service, and (d) information provided to us to describe the location where the service is to be provided), as well as data provided regarding the content of a particular shipment, limited to information that can identify the individual's personal identity and is related to the content of the shipment;
Data for identity verification, including types and numbers of identification documents;

Content of satisfaction surveys related to the Company's services;
User account, account password, and data used for account verification to access the Company's products and services;
Location information of your mobile device (only applicable to designated services when using certain applications);

Other personal data provided when using the Company's products or services.
In addition, when you visit the Company's website, use the Company's applications, or interact with auxiliary tools, software, and plugins related to us, our web servers may automatically collect data about your use of the Internet. This data is collected to provide aggregated, anonymous statistical data to better meet the requirements and expectations of our website users and allow us to take necessary actions regarding any illegal or unlawful content accessed through our servers. This data includes (but is not limited to) browser settings, browser type and version, unique device identifiers, operating systems, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and/or domain names, language preferences, device characteristics, referring URLs, information related to your activities and operations, as well as the date and time of activities.
The term "Cookie" refers to a text file that a website automatically collects and stores on your computer or other network-connected devices used to uniquely identify your browser or store information or settings in your browser. The collected data may include (but is not limited to) login and authentication data, as well as information about your activities and preferences on our website. You can change the settings of your browser and delete "Cookies" on web browsers. However, after making changes, you may not be able to access all parts of the Company's website.

When you call and listen to the Company's service hotline and/or inquiry phone, the calls may be recorded. The purpose of recording includes quality management, employee performance evaluation, management or development, and training purposes. The recorded data will be properly stored, and the Company will ensure that the recorded data is not accessed inadvertently and/or without authorization. All personal data provided by you will be retained by the Company and made available to the Company's employees and third parties (if applicable) for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy Statement or otherwise notified to you in advance.

Your personal information may be used for the following purposes:
1. Verifying your identity.
2. Extracting, delivering, and tracking shipped items.
3. Providing the products and/or services you require, including but not limited to logistics services, supply chain management, import and export customs clearance procedures, and financial services.
4. Providing customer support and/or responding to your requests, inquiries, and feedback.
5. Establishing and managing the accounts you have opened.
6. Communicating with you and managing marketing campaigns, promotional programs, surveys, contests, and other related offers or promotions in which you participate.
7. Disclosing your information to other individuals as requested by you.
8. Processing claims related to your use of the products and/or services provided by our company.
9. Matching your data with data collected from other sources (including third parties) for the purposes of providing products and services and for other purposes as stated in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.
10. Promoting or advertising any products and/or services of our company, affiliated companies, agents, contractors, and third-party suppliers with your consent as required by the ordinance.
11. Conducting business planning and improving the products and/or services provided by our company, affiliated companies, agents, contractors, and third-party suppliers through various methods, including but not limited to research, analysis, and/or investigation.
12. Analyzing, verifying, enforcing contractual rights, and/or auditing your credit, payment, and/or status regarding the products or services provided by our company.
13. Enabling our company to carry out daily operations in your account and/or collect any outstanding amounts from your account, including engaging debt collection agencies.
14. Maintaining and developing our company's business systems and infrastructure, including testing and updating such systems.
15. Notifying you of the latest information regarding the products and services provided by our company and others.
16. Preventing, detecting, or investigating criminal activities.
17. Disclosing matters required or permitted by law.
18. Any other purposes jointly agreed upon between you and our company.

Accuracy of Personal Data

The company strives to verify the accuracy of the data provided, including conducting checks on digital items such as account numbers or credit card numbers, using industry-standard practices and guidelines. In certain cases, the company can authenticate the provided data based on existing data held. In some instances, the company may be required by regulations to inspect original documents for the use of personal data, such as identification documents (as defined in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance) and/or proof of address. The company fully complies with the responsibilities outlined in the regulations regarding the "Right of Access and Correction of Data." Please refer to the section "Access and Correction of Personal Data" below for more information on how to obtain and correct any personal data held by the company. Please note that the accuracy of the personal data collected, used, and disclosed by the company largely depends on the data provided by individuals. Individuals have the right to request changes to their personal data, and we recommend notifying the company of any errors in personal data and any changes to personal data such as name or address.

Retention of Personal Data

The company will destroy the personal data it holds in accordance with its internal policies. Essentially, the company's policy includes the following principles:
- Personal data will be retained for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or directly related purposes, unless the personal data is required to be retained under any applicable law or contractual obligation.
- Personal or company data will be protected through account authentication and password login or access rights granted to authorized personnel.
- Personal data recorded or stored in digital form that is not required for reuse or current auditing purposes will be promptly erased and destroyed after use.

Disclosure of Personal Data

All personal data held by the company will be kept confidential. However, the company may disclose such data to the following parties when necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the data was collected or directly related purposes:
- Any subsidiary, holding, affiliated, or associated companies of the company or companies that are controlled by the same holding company as the company.
- Any individuals or companies representing or co-operating with the company for the purpose of providing the data or directly related purposes.
- Any other persons or companies who are under a duty of confidentiality to the company and have a statutory right to access the data.
- The company's resellers, agents, contractors, suppliers, and professional advisers, including accountants, auditors, and lawyers.
- Government and regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations as required by law or authorized.
- Any necessary financial institutions, payment service providers, credit or debit card companies, credit providers, credit reference agencies, or agents for debt collection, securities brokers, to establish and support any required payment services.
- Authorized representatives or legal advisors upon your request.
- Any potential or actual participants, assignors, or assignees involved in the company's whole or partial business operations.

Personal data may also be disclosed to any person as required by any statutory or contractual obligation or court order, provided they can demonstrate their right/authority to access the data. Furthermore, personal data may be exempt from the protection of the Data Protection Principles under Part VIII of the ordinance in certain situations listed therein.

Transfer of Personal Data outside Hong Kong
The company may transfer certain personal data to locations outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region when necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the data was collected or directly related purposes. Such transfers will comply with the current provisions of the ordinance.

Security of Personal Data
Physical records containing personal data are stored securely in locked storage.
All electronic data is stored in locked file cabinets. Computer systems storing computer data are located in restricted computer rooms with limited access. Storage media are also kept in locked file cabinets and/or computer rooms with restricted access.
Access to records and data is only granted to individuals authorized by management. Such rights are granted on a "need-to-know" basis and are based on individual responsibilities and training within the company.
Sufficient safeguards are in place to prevent unauthorized and/or accidental disclosure, alteration, and/or destruction when storing, using, and/or transmitting customer personal data.

Third-Party Website Links
The company's website may contain links to other addresses and pages operated by third parties. The company has no control over the content of these linked websites or how the operators of those websites handle personal data. You should review the privacy policies on those third-party websites to understand how they may use your personal data.

Access and Correction of Personal Data

According to the regulations, individuals have the right to:

1. Determine whether the company holds personal data about them and, if so, obtain a copy of that data ("Right of Access").
2. Request the company to correct any personal data about them that is inaccurate for the purposes of using that data ("Right of Correction").
3. Ascertain the policies and practices of the company regarding their personal data, which generally comply with the provisions outlined in this policy.

To exercise the Right of Access, individuals can:

1. Complete the "Data Access Request Form" or the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance - Data Access Request Form" provided by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, and send the completed form along with relevant identification documents (a copy of the individual's Hong Kong ID card or passport) and the prescribed fee to the Information Technology Department at the following address; or
2. If individuals choose not to provide identification documents, they must personally submit the completed form to the company, accompanied by the relevant identification documents.

Upon verifying the accuracy and validity of the access request, the company will make reasonable efforts to comply with the request and provide a response within the time limit prescribed by the regulations (within 40 days of receiving the data access request). To exercise the Right of Correction, individuals can send a letter to the Information Technology Department at the address mentioned above, indicating the data that needs correction based on the data obtained through the aforementioned data access request.

Before considering whether to make the requested correction, the applicant must provide sufficient evidence and/or explanation to indicate the inaccuracy of the data. Once the accuracy and validity of the correction request are accepted, the company will make reasonable efforts to comply with the requirements as mandated by the regulations.

Direct Marketing

According to the regulations, the company will comply with individuals' requests not to use their personal data for direct marketing purposes. With individuals' consent, the company may use their personal data (including name, contact information, and data related to products and services they have purchased or applied for) to send promotional materials through different contact methods, including email addresses, postal addresses, mobile numbers, telephone numbers, service numbers, and service account numbers. These promotional materials may include the latest information on the company's products and services, computer peripherals, accessories and mobile applications, personal assistant services, and information services, as well as gifts, discounts, offers, and information. The company may also provide customers with the latest information on various products or services. It should be noted that this consent can be revoked at any time without being subject to the time limit of the service contract, and if the consent is not revoked, it will remain valid even after the contract ends. If individuals wish to stop or resume receiving information from the company (if previously unsubscribed), they can notify the Information Technology Department of their contact preferences at any time. All such requests should clearly specify the personal data details related to the request.